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hitRECord x SONY

I’m super-stoked to announce that the ad campaign we collaborated on with SONY for their RX100 II camera has officially launched!

Throughout the fall and early winter you will see a number of different variations of this ad online, in magazines, within SONY retail stores, and on outdoor signage like billboards and bus wraps all over the U.S. - so keep an eye out for them.

Earlier this year, Sony sent RX100 II cameras to fifty of some of the more prominent and established photographers on hitRECord for the purpose of shooting images for this ad campaign. And we’re proud that these photographers were chosen by members of our community.

I would like to say thank you to SONY for coming on board to support us again in 2013. And, as a result of this partnership, all of 2013’s money-making productions - including the photographs featured in this ad campaign - will receive a portion of this sponsorship money.

Hope you all enjoy the campaign!

Thanks again <3


Thank you so much!! HitRECord and SONY;)))


“Caught Thoughts (Tiny Story REmix)”

Tiny Story REmix by MattConley


I caught a thought
I had thought to think.
And, in thinking,
I lost the thought
I had caught.


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